Hosted ERP Software helps when moving premises

Mark Canes

In this brief post, I want to share a quick thought. We're frequently asked which deployment method is better for ERP Software - hosted/cloud or on-premise. Personally, I'm agnostic on this, as it really depends on a number of factors, and you can read up on some of these in this analysis of Hosted (Cloud) & On-Premises (In-House) pros and cons.

As our company approaches a move to new premises in a few weeks, I've begun to realize how significant a benefit having your ERP Software (and other key business software) in the cloud can be. I know that businesses do not move frequently, but when you do move it's a massively disruptive undertaking. And having to move your own servers, meaning you're essentially down for at least several hours (or need to spend large sums on redundant servers at new and old locations, or temporary on-line solutions), adds to the stress and cost of a move.

For those of us fortunate to have our key applications in the cloud, life's a lot simpler on moving day: anyone not needed to participate in the actual move will simply work from anywhere there's an internet connection - including from home. Meaning no downtime at all, and no interruption of software-dependant business activities.

An increasing number of businesses are considering switching to hosted/cloud software as their existing servers approach replacement age. For such companies, if a move is also on the horizon, it makes the decision almost obvious.


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