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Business Management Software: Local versus Remote Vendors

When your business decides to invest in new inventory and accounting business management software, it is important that you spend the time preparing for the search, before actually speaking with vendors.  This preparation will help you identify and d[...]
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Beware the RFP When Evaluating Wholesale Software

You may have heard the term RFP before used in a business setting, or perhaps your company has even considered issuing one.  For those unfamiliar with the term, RFP stands for “Request For Proposal” and according to Wikipedia is “a solicitation, of[...]
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5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Speaking with Software Vendors

So you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your business back-end accounting and inventory management systems to something more modern and sophisticated.  This can be a great opportunity for your business, and having all key stakeholders on board[...]
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The Logic behind ERP Software Implementation Timeframes

As a general rule, there are differences in software implementation time-frames, dependent on the tier or type of software being implemented. When it comes to inventory and accounting ERP software, Tier 1 or Introductory Systems (such as QuickBooks),[...]
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Is Cloud Based Wholesale ERP Software Right for Your Business?

Deciding to make the switch to a fully integrated ERP system as a wholesale distribution company – whether you’re transitioning from existing software or manual processes – requires a lot of time and resources.  It also involves making [...]
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What’s the Difference between Introductory Software and ERP?

The enterprise software industry is typically divided into 3 different tiers and/or segments: Tier One introductory systems, Tier Two mid-market ERP systems and Tier Three, top-tier or Blue Chip solutions. Each different Tier is geared towards compan[...]

How Vendors Quote ERP Implementations

When your company decides to invest in an ERP software system, the term ‘implementation’ will undoubtedly be used on a frequent basis. If you are unfamiliar with ERP systems and are in the initial stages of your software search, you may[...]
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Who’s Migrating Your ERP Data?

Guest post by Darren Myher, VP of Blue Link Associates Limited I was reading your previous blog post on data migration, and it struck me that what we at Blue Link do with respect to data migration is pretty special. I’m often shocked to disc[...]

What is the Difference Between Contact Management and CRM?

In an age of short attention spans, busy schedules and smartphones, we continue to see the use of acronyms in simplifying industry terms, but this can sometimes lead to a poor understanding of the actual meaning and implications behind these phrases. [...]
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The Danger of Evaluating Too Many Software Vendors

Here’s a common mistake I see people make when searching for new inventory and accounting ERP software: evaluating too many vendors.  Although it is important to spend time researching different ERP systems and vendors, when you begin[...]
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