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Blue Link ERP Pricing

The cost of ERP software will depend on several factors and vary from one vendor to the next. However, across software tiers or categories, the price of competing solutions will be similar. This allows businesses to easily compare vendors in the same cate[...]
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Customizing Wholesale Distribution Software: What You Need to Know

When starting the search for new wholesale distribution ERP software, one consideration to make is if it’s better to develop a custom-based application or find something out-of-the-box. Although it might seem like having a system developed specifically [...]
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How To Avoid Business Management Software Project Delays

Project delays of any kind can be frustrating, unproductive and costly, especially in a small business where budget and resources are limited. When it comes to a complex project with numerous moving parts like the acquisition of new business management s[...]
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Why You Can’t Find Accounting ERP Pricing Online

Ever notice how it’s impossible to find pricing for accounting ERP software online? Have you ever filled out a “Request a Quote” form on a website expecting an email response, only to have a sales rep reach out to you by phone? There is a spe[...]
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What’s the Difference between Introductory Software and ERP?

The enterprise software industry is typically divided into 3 different tiers and/or segments: Tier One introductory systems, Tier Two mid-market ERP systems and Tier Three, top-tier or Blue Chip solutions. Each different Tier is geared towards companies [...]

How Vendors Quote ERP Implementations

When your company decides to invest in an ERP software system, the term ‘implementation’ will undoubtedly be used on a frequent basis. If you are unfamiliar with ERP systems and are in the initial stages of your software search, you may[...]
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How to Determine Ball Park Cost Estimates for ERP Software

Investing in an ERP software system is an important event in your company’s history. Your company is growing and you have decided to eliminate the redundancies of outdated manual processes, to take advantage of the operational efficiencies inherent in [...]
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Read the Fine Print on Software Vendor Quotes

Comparing software vendors can be a difficult process, but with due diligence and by knowing what to look for, you can arrive at an informed decision. Let’s assume for the purpose of this discussion that you have narrowed down a list of a few vendors t[...]
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How Much Does Inventory and Accounting ERP Software Cost?

Once you’ve decided that your business needs a proper inventory and accounting (ERP) software system, the selection process requires a large investment of resources but presents huge opportunities for future growth and cost savings.  One aspect many co[...]
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Cheap Inventory & Accounting Software

Does cheap software exist? Absolutely! However, the term cheap has a negative connotation for good reason: it does not mean the same as good value. Instead, “cheap” defines the compromise on quality for reduced cost. In selecting inventory or accounti[...]
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